Colonial Oil Industries, Inc.
One of the largest independent oil companies in the Southeast United States, Colonial Oil Industries is headquartered in Savannah, Georgia, with ocean terminals in Savannah, Georgia; Charleston, South Carolina; Jacksonville, Port Everglades, and Tampa, Florida; and Wilmington, North Carolina, more than 40 pipeline terminals throughout the Southeast United States and marketing through Colonial Caribbean.

Colonial LogoColonial Caribbean, Inc.
Our youngest subsidiary, Colonial Caribbean was formed in early 2005 to acquire a light products supply system for the independent gasoline market in Puerto Rico.

Colonial LogoColonial Terminals, Inc.
Serving the storage needs of the Southeast since 1934, Colonial operates some of the largest liquid and dry bulk storage facilities in the region. The reason for our success is twofold. First, our locations are ideal - Savannah, Georgia, and Wilmington, North Carolina, are two of the South Atlantic's busiest ports, with excellent transportation channels for domestic and international markets. Second, our employees are seasoned professionals who have handled the transportation and storage of products from petroleum and liquid chemicals to kaolin clays, mulcoa, fertilizers, and other dry bulk commodities.

Colonial LogoGeorgia Kaolin Terminals, Inc.
Colonial Group’s newest marine facility manages the seamless combination of bulk and breakbulk operations to marry the kaolin industry to the world’s larger forest commodity shipping lines.

Visit Enmark Gas StationsEnmark Stations, Inc.
Enmark Stations (formerly Interstate Stations) began operations in 1963. The Enmark brand was developed in the late 1980s, and the company currently operates more than seventy stations in Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. The Enmark Mission and Vision guide all team members in every aspect of our business on a daily basis.

Colonial LogoChatham Towing Company, Inc.
Colonial Towing, Inc. (d/b/a Sun State Towing)
Chatham Towing and Sun State Towing offer efficient and cost-effective movement of cargos along the inland waters of the Southeast United States from Morehead City, North Carolina to Cape Canaveral, Florida. We own and operate a fleet of tugboats and tank barges based in Savannah, Georgia; Jacksonville, Florida; Wilmington, North Carolina; and Charleston, South Carolina.

Colonial LogoColonial Energy, Inc..
Colonial Energy’s primary focus is to deliver reliable natural gas supplies at competitive prices. With operations in Fairfax, Virginia, and strategically located regional offices in Houston, Texas and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, we draw from natural gas sources in the Gulf Coast and Appalachian regions to target wholesale and retail customers.

Colonial LogoColonial Chemical Solutions, Inc.
Added to the Colonial Group in 2000, Colonial Chemical Solutions, Inc. offers a complete line of products and services for the food, chemical process, and basic chemical industries. With operations in Savannah, Georgia and offices in Augusta, Georgia; Valdosta, Georgia; and Charleston, South Carolina, Colonial Chemical Solutions, Inc. is well-positioned to provide the highest level of service to accounts in our area.

Visit Colonial Marine Colonial Marine Industries, Inc.
For more than a decade, Colonial Marine Industries has been a leader in the shipping industry, providing reliable ship management, chartering, brokerage, and port agency ... in essence, "one-stop shopping" for anyone with a vessel to manage or a cargo to move - anywhere in the world.

Visit Compliance Systems Compliance Systems, Inc.
Offering a turnkey solution to complicated regulations, Compliance Systems’ "Total Compliance Program" has proven over time to be successful in satisfying stringent U.S. Coast Guard, international, and individual U.S. state regulations for member ships.




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