Creating Value through Progressive, Collaborative Leadership

Cultivating the best leaders is fundamental to Colonial Group’s business strategy. Progressive, collaborative leadership is one of CGI’s core business tenants. This approach ensures we consistently maintain a management team that is entrepreneurial, forward thinking; and, most importantly, sustains an environment of leadership and service at all levels.

Colonial Group, Inc. Board of Directors

Seated-Left/Right: Peter J. Brunn, R. Houstoun Demere III, Francis A. Brown, Robert H. Demere, Jr., William A. Baker, Jr., Christian B. Demere, Clayton D. Cheshire
Standing-Left/Right: Brian M. Kelly, F. Jared Hurta, James B. Mercer, T. Pratt Summers, James F. Berulis, Richard C. Wigger, Bradley P. Samuelson, George L.
Roberts III, J. Ryan Chandler IV

Francis A. Brown
Francis A. Brown

Executive Vice President Finance

Robert H. Demere, Jr.
Robert H. Demere, Jr.


William A. Baker
William A. Baker, Jr.

Executive Vice President Operations