Core Values

Being responsible corporate citizens is a call to action throughout Colonial Group’s family of companies. Actions that produce favorable results and are consistent with and governed by our core values.


We strive each day to serve our customers' highest needs and wholeheartedly share our success with the communities
we call home.


We do what we say with honesty and accountability.


We create and sustain growth through innovation and our hard work philosophy. We will never
stop evolving.


The reason we are who we are.

Safe Working Environment

Colonial dedicated to safety of its employees - Employee in full safety gear and mask
Colonial provides safe working environment for the employees
Colonial protects employees and provides a safe working environment.

Colonial Group, Inc. is dedicated to the safety of our employees, customers, and communities.  We work continuously to advance our safety protocol and programs.  Whether developing or strengthening safety tools and programs for customers and communities or creating new safety processes for employees, Colonial Group, Inc. will continue to be at the forefront of operational safety.


We take full responsibility for the impact our businesses may have that go beyond our commercial operations and relationships. We are committed to being vigilant stewards in our growth and development.

We realize the importance of implementing sustainable practices for the betterment of our company and environment. We believe that when sustainable practices are performed correctly, the results are a double benefit of higher profitability and a cleaner environment.As a 95 plus year old family company, we take the long view making sure future generations enjoy a better tomorrow.

Colonial Group computer recycling program

Electronics recycling drives.

Colonial Group repurpose

Sustainable demolition practices which divert materials from landfills.

Colonial Group recycle program

Paper & Cardboard recycling program saves 17 trees per ton, while reducing 0ur facilities operating costs.

Michael J. White - Sustainability Champion

Michael J. White champions Colonial Group, Inc.’s sustainability efforts.